If you have ever sailed along the coast of Estepona, surely you have been lucky enough to witness a dolphin show in the wild. Many times they approach the boats to play with the bow of the boat and the wake back in the stern created while sailing, they also love to interact with the people on board, but … Why do they choose our Coast? ?

It’s simple, dolphins are carnivorous animals that feed on fish and other mollusks. And their great intelligence and teamwork make them subtle and very effective hunters. In addition, they use their echolocation by creating sound waves to identify their preys better.

Luckily for them, along this coast there are many varieties of small fish that they love, such as: Sardines, Mackerels and other marine animals such as: Squids, Octopus and Shrimps. And this is how we usually find them, jumping and hunting in groups using many of their techniques, for example, stunning their prey with tail flicks or cornering schools of fish in groups creating the so-called “bait balls” which is when the fish group together creating these round shapes.

They also know that the fishing boats after fishing or raising the nets throw and lose many of the fish so the Dolphins do not miss the opportunity to catch them. This makes it even easier for them to feed and for us to find them, and although it is more comfortable for them, they never lose their good habits of hunting for themselves. Usually this feast is joined by seagulls who do not miss the opportunity to eat. So when there is a lot of seagulls flying around and water splashing, 100% there will be dolphins too.

If you want to be part of this experience, do not hesitate to Rent a Boat with Ofblue Estepona and request a skipper service to be able to take you to this natural show and share this experience with you, navigate the coast and witness its marine life in full action.