In spite of their alien aspect, these little invertebrate mollusks belong to the same animal group as snails and slugs, the main difference between Nudibranchs and slugs is of course that they live under the sea and its curious and colorful appearance which makes them quite unique. Also these are considered bioluminiescent meaning that some of them can glow in the dark! They use this mechanism as defense towards other species since it seems to give them a poisonous and not very trustworthy appearance. This original aspect, bilateral colorful symmetry and variety of patterns what makes them so famous and loved by scuba divers and sea fanatics.

There are around 3000 different types of Nudibranchs all over the world and luckily we have more than 200 species in the Mediterranean Sea.  The good news are that we can find some of them in some places of Casares Costa, Estepona and Sotogrande with a snorkel kit and attention because most of them are no longer than 5cm and they hide in between algae attached to the rocks underwater. Only the most curious could find them and will get to enjoy and admire how peaceful and beautiful they are, always respecting their space.

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